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Ice Cream
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Kate’s Korner Ice Cream Parlor
Las Vegas, NV

scouting report Phil
08/24/18 Oh my goodness. When I say this is the best ice cream on the planet, I can promise on everything that it’s by the furthest distance - the greatest ice cream of all time. I have high doubts that any other company, brand, location, etc. can outdo this. I love my ice cream to be thick. This ain’t your Dairy Queen, melt super quick, runny blizzard/milkshake. It’s got some serious density to it and real ice cream lovers will appreciate. A friend of mine had been hyping this place up for quite some time and I never really took his words seriously. I mean come on, it’s just ice cream, how good can it actually be? Boy, did I underestimate this badly. I always get the triple scoop and my same exact flavors every single time are in this direct order: 1. Cookies N’ Cream 2. Cookie Dough 3. Peanut Butter Cup (on top). Peanut Butter Cup being my fav - I’m a huge PB guy and you can really taste the flavor along with huge chunks of peanut butter cups. The workers are wildly generous with their scoop sizes, digging their elbows into the tub to get that jumbo sized scoop. I’ve never seen anything like it. You will be binging on ice cream. Norma is my favorite employee and she hooks it up big time for me every visit. I’ve became a regular and even went the distance of contacting management to put in a request for loyalty program cards - buy 10 get 1 free. Another great aspect about this place is the low-key atmosphere. It’s not a well known Ben & Jerry’s, Baskin Robbins, or Cold Stone Creamery. Tucked away in a casino off the strip, Kate’s Korner is one of a kind. The signage literally just says “Ice Cream & Smoothies”. You’d never imagine it to be good. Prices are so cheap due to being inside of a casino. I’ve researched into it and believe it or not, the food departments actually lose money on purpose to attract large crowds into the casino and their portion sizes are big for that exact reason. Ginormous portions of ice cream, friendly service, low-key hole in the wall, a whopping $5 for a triple scoop that’s bigger than a pint of Haggen Daz, and the most phenomenal tasting ice cream you’ll ever treat yourself to, this ice cream makes me create special trips to the off strip casino just for it. You may find me and my triple scoops in a booth by the sports book crushing in my element.