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Granny’s Donuts
Thomasville, NC

scouting report Phil
11/05/18 I have found it. An old fashioned, classic donut shop with the best fritters in the world. Granny’s Donuts is truly a hidden gem. I was getting into the new wave of gourmet style donuts, but this place took me back in time when my mother used to drive me to the donut shop back home on weekends and I would pick out an apple fritter and a buttermilk bar. Granny’s earned a huge +1 new fan and I might even go as far to say - best donuts I’ve ever had. Apple Fritters are my all time favorite and these fritters here will change your life forever. Very soft, warm, and doughy on the inside with sweet apple chunks. A perfect crisp on the outside and the glaze coating they use is just so big time. The size of their fritters are hulking. They also make cherry and blueberry fritters. This was my first time trying a blueberry fritter and it was even more crispier than the apple. Fluffy and lightweight, I was in heaven. These fritters take 4 hours to make. Everything at Granny’s is made from fresh from scratch each and every morning. Fritters are the most popular sell and apparently there’s a customer that travels from afar once every couple months and just buys trays worth of fritters in bulk and freezes them in ziplock bags to preserve them. That’s some serious fritter addiction. Cake donuts are it. The old fashioned buttermilk bar is top 5 favorite donut and Granny’s makes unbelievable ones. Just perfectly plain and simple. Another big hitter is the banana cream donut. I can seriously crush countless amounts of them. They do not last long. The donuts here are not overly powering sweet - they are in perfect form. Honorable mentions: red velvet donut holes & the crullers. Prices are awesomely affordable at $4.98 for a half dozen and $8.60 for a dozen. The owner is very polite and fun to talk to. When I went to run the blueberry fritter and banana cream back I was just short of the debit card limit and didn’t have any cash on me. She gladly gave me the donuts for free. I went back and paid the IOU my next visit and she hooked it up again with more extras being thrown in my donut box. Love that lady - she knows how to keep me returning for more. An old school feeling local donut shop with a large selection to choose from, this place is a major win.