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Apple Fritter
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MJ Donuts
Charlotte, NC

scouting report Phil
06/08/19 Today is June 7, 2019 - National Donut Day. What better way to pay homage to the GOAT donut shop (pun intended) MJ Donuts and my top 3 favorite sweet - the apple fritter. I absolutely love me a good ole fashioned style apple fritter. These bad boys at MJ Donuts are monstrous. It’s their most popular item and takes 8 whopping hours to make. You will get full off one of these and stuffed from two. The picture isn’t a perfect indication of how bulky these fritters are, I’m telling you, these things are buff. As with any greatly made fritter, perfectly lightly crispy on the outside and warm/fluffy Charmin soft on the inside. You may think you’ll just want to have half from the intimidating XL size, but once the goodness starts dissolving on your tongue, you’ll crush the entire thing. The dough here and the frosted icing is perfect. This is my favorite donut shop in town and it’s not even close. There’s no social media page, no mega hype/buzz, just an old school hidden gem. You’ll never find features or articles or social media foodie content and for good reason - it’s not a very appealing store located in a strip mall sandwiched between a tire shop and an insurance agency. The storefront is bland and the inside is bare of decorations. It’s location is tucked away, but the real locals know about MJ Donuts. Very traditional old fashioned donut shop ran by a Korean family. They are super nice and I love the sweet lady working the front. She always throws me extra cinnamon twisters, cake donuts and donut holes with my order. Yes, it’s one of those local shops. Their cake donuts are tremendous. They also have my second favorite donut of all time and it’s the best version I’ve ever had in my life. The buttermilk biscuit. Grew up on those and it was my mom’s favorite donut. The only downfall to this place is they close so early, daily at noon or sometimes even earlier because they sell out. I went in at 9:30 AM once and their casing was almost depleted. But if you’re an old fashioned donut fan, especially a lover of fritters this is worth every ounce of effort to seek out because these AF’s are BigTime AF.