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Boston Cream Donut
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The Bakery Shoppe
Charlotte, NC

scouting report Phil
08/05/19 The absolute best Boston cream donut I’ve ever had. Let’s start there. Whoa. These are ridiculously big time. Stopped in at this random bakery on a whim, just to get a pre-round golf bite and honestly didn’t think I would be writing a scouting report on them. My goodness, these blew my mind and I’m pretty sure I could never go Dunkin’ to get a Boston cream now. These are filled with copious amounts of custard and carry some serious weight to them. Things are HEAVY. The dough is so fluffy, it is the perfect pairing with the creamy vanilla inner fillings. There’s so much cream in the middle, after you bite into it, you’ll see how much these puppies are packed. The donut will start to cave in due to how soft the glazed donut is and you’ll have a mini volcanic eruption with vanilla pudding lava flowing out. The chocolate icing is superb, but I’m not sure why or how they go about topping the Boston cream with it because the ratio on some donuts seem more/less on the icing. These are made fresh in house daily each morning beginning at 3:00 AM. By far the best item they have in shop. Still cannot fathom how these bad boys are only $1.50 a pop. Got this whole box of four for only $6. Got lucky they still had four left, because the locals swarm in for these and the blueberry muffins (their other hot item) which both sell out everyday. For this supreme quality of a donut, it’s too good to be true. At any new hyped up trendy gourmet IG vegan donut shop that pays for Yelp reviews they’d easily be $5 a donut. This place is straight old school. The decor inside feels like grandma’s house with cozy furniture. Owners are awesome and super friendly, but also go at their own pace. Don’t come in expecting to get in and out quick. This ain’t Starbucks and there is no drive thru. The Bakery Shoppe has been open for 17 years in the same location just on the northern part of town. Old fashioned, easy going, nothing fancy - The Bakery Shoppe. The name says it all. This place will never blow up on social media or amongst millennials, yet I’ve discovered the best Boston cream donuts I’ve ever had. Don’t let the bland shop name fool you.