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Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cake
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Maxie B’s
Greensboro, NC

scouting report Phil
08/12/19 My #1 top cake spot in America. Maxie B’s is the place that baptized me into a cake guy. Cake was an undiscovered treat for me in the sense that I knew of its existence, but never really appreciated it like that, and it’s now one of my go to desserts. I was never a cake guy - at birthday parties/celebrations, cake was just always there and I didn’t really go for the breading, often just scooping the icing and then leaving leftovers to be tossed later. After my first experience with the carrot cake at Maxie B’s, it converted my life around. Now I’ve found my next big time cake in this pumpkin chocolate chip. Just so moist and flavorful. Heaps of chocolate chips buried in the cinnamon pumpkin breading, and best of all, the icing is to die for. I honestly couldn’t believe how scrumptious this thing was. Immediately hit me that this is one of the best cake slices I’ve ever tasted and it’s a 100% fact that Maxie B’s bakes the best cakes I’ve ever had in my life. In conversation it came up that a friend of mine made the visit to Maxie B’s a day prior to me going and he too tried the pumpkin chocolate chip (decision was made on his own) and he said the same exact thing - super big time cake & best cake spot he’s ever been to. This guy’s a real foodie and has also visited plenty of bakeries, tasting many cakes around the nation, so that was a strong statement coming from him. The line at this place is always wiggled out the door long. Every time I’ve been I have had to wait a good chunk. Well worth the wait my friends, don’t get discouraged, get in line. You can taste the real quality of the made from scratch cake here as they use highest grade of ingredients with local free range eggs, organic flour, pure vanilla, local berries, etc. Now I’m not a super health freak, especially when it comes to dessert, I’m one to pick the unhealthy version of an apple fritter donut, rather than the vegan one because it simply taste better. But the way Maxie B’s preps their cakes using no artificial ingredients and preservatives I guess has a pure impact in the outcome of taste. So whatever magic they’re whipping up in the bakery incorporating fresh, local organic ingredients, clearly keeps us coming back for more. On my next birthday (aka cake day), I know where I’m going to get my cake. This is a back to back HOF write up for me and I wouldn’t classify it anything less.