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Chicken Broccoli Alfredo/Cheesesteak Pizza
BB Rotation RT
BB Starter ST
BB All-Star AS
BB Franchise FR
Sal’s Pizza Factory
Charlotte, NC


scouting report Phil
05/28/20 I’ve tried Sal’s three times before getting the chicken broccoli Alfredo + cheesesteak pizza and was let down each time. I tried their pepperoni first to gauge and gather a taste of what Sal’s offers. I like to start with either a pepperoni or a plain cheese whenever I’m trying a new pizza spot, a good tactic to see where it ranks. Sal’s pepperoni was too dry on the crust and slightly more on the saltier side for my likings. The bottom of the pizza was way too hard and the sauce wasn’t great. Overall, there just wasn’t anything special to me. Next, I tried their Sicilian cheese pizza. Now I’m a big fan of thicker crust and love Sicilian style, but this was just straight mouthfuls of bread. They drizzle a tiny bit of sauce on top, which is nowhere near enough sauce to dampen this pizza up because it was drier than walking out of Las Vegas Caesars Palace in mid-July. This one was hard to eat. Next, thinking third times the charm, I reached for the stuffed buffalo chicken pizza which always intrigued me. This one was better, but there wasn’t enough buffalo sauce evenly dispersed throughout the pizza to make it flavorful enough. Again, as you can guess, dry and all the sauce lied directly in the middle so I only got a couple bites of it in the beginning with each new slice. I wish there was more buffalo sauce. This baby was loaded with chicken pieces though and Sal’s does not skimp out when it comes to that which was awesome. After trying all three types I was ready to throw in the towel and give up on Sal’s and call it good with this pizzeria. Each time after eating I received a feeling of - ugh it started off alright, but I don’t think I can finish eating anymore, let me put this down it’s just not that good. But after seeing their Instagram posts (oh the power of social media) on their specialty pizzas and how you can go half and half, I decided to give it one last whirl. The ole saying is third times the charm, but in this case it was the fourth, and their chicken broccoli Alfredo + cheesesteak pizza was absolutely big time. This is the type of pizza to order from Sal’s and their specialty pies are what makes them well...special. The toppings are OD and they do not play it shy. Big chunky pieces of chicken mixed with creamy white Alfredo sauce and broccoli bits lied nicely on top a thinner crust. The crust here at Sal’s is their only downfall. I like my crust a little puffy, soft, and doughy and here at Sal’s it’s more on the dense/rigid side. It’s kind of tough to bite and tear off. The cheesesteak pizza was unreal and the toppings altogether were so juicy. Loved the melted American cheese. This pie alone has salvaged me from completely cutting off Sal’s and I now know what to order here - stick strictly to specialty pizzas. Not counting the other three style of pizzas and the somewhat rude customer service experiences with the ladies taking orders over the phone, I’m rating this pie an 8.2/10. If the crust here was better, it’d be a premium pie.