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Buttermilk Bar
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Sunny's Donuts
Gaffney, SC

scouting report Phil
06/23/20 Mr. Sunny stepped foot into the donut world back in 1987 where he started making donuts at the age of 28. Fast forward to 2020 and he has brilliantly created the absolute best buttermilk bar donut I have ever bit into in my entire life. This is the all mighty of them all. The sensation is indescribable when it hits. Extra tender and crumby, this is how a buttermilk bar should present itself. Crumb bits were just flaking off after every bite. The middle had a vanilla, lemony cream infused which I’ve never experienced. This bar was seriously melting away in my hands before it even touched my tongue it was so delicate. The size of this puppy was XL compared to all other chihuahua buttermilk bars I’ve had. Priced wickedly generous at only $2.25 per bar, I can double/triple/maybe even quadruple up. Sunny’s opened up shop in 2010 and since opening has received zero complaints and negative feedback is at zilch. Earning a full five star rating on Yelp, that’s a big time feat. Only Mr. Sunny knows how to make donuts in this particular traditional manner. There’s no one else around that makes donuts or comes close to matching his special style. No new technology is being used - this shop is as old fashioned as they come. Starting each day dark and early at 12:30 AM, he makes everything in house from scratch including the flour and dough. Apple fritters finish at around 5:00 AM and are enjoyed best at that exact time. Pure perfectionist, his apple fritters are moist in the inside and crispy on the out. The apple fritters here go on my Mt. Rushmore for all time fritter donuts. The soft and crunchy has been perfected down to the science. Unlike ordinary donut places, Sunny keeps shop open till 7:00 PM which was when I went in to get the goods. As a matter of fact, he kept doors open 10 minutes after close because I was running late and he had an awesome box ready for me upon arrival - what a guy. He then heads home for a quick nap and then it’s back to the regular scheduled programming at 12:30 AM to start the new batch for the day. Mr. Sunny will have to retire one day and doesn’t know if he’ll be able to pass on the tradition. So enjoy it now he suggests as he stands by his words that nobody makes donuts like this anymore. Located in a tiny country like town off the freeway in South Carolina, it’s attached to a convenient store and a mini BP gas station, this is a true diamond in the rough. People from all over visit including Texas and California. It’s voted the #1 donut shop in SC. To this day, I can confidently say that this is my favorite old school/old fashioned donut shop. I didn’t even get my donuts early in the morning, I got them after closing when they’ve been sitting out all day and they were still pristine. Just goes to show how high quality and good these actually are. The buttermilk bar is my childhood staple with so many Saturday morning bakery run memories with mom. This was her favorite and I wish she could try Sunny’s version. Looking at the clouds and the sun graphic on Sunny’s signage, I’ve landed in heaven.