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The Cellar Burger
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The Cellar At Duckworth’s
Charlotte, NC

scouting report Phil
07/03/20 Sheesh. What a burger, and I ain’t talking Texas chain. The Cellar Burger is a prodigious bite. Gruyere cheese, onion jam, and jalapeño bacon. That’s it. It’s just that simple. That’s all it needs. Less is more. Mega juicy patty and to my surprise not greasy at all. There’s a divorce between juicy/greasy and this burger proves it can be one without the other. The onion jam sends off a slight sweetness on the top bun and to balance and bring things back to neutral, the jalapeño bacon provided a pinch of a peppery savory spice. I’m not even a big bacon guy, (let the bacon fanatics flame me) bit of an oddball, I know. But this bacon was the Robin to Batman, the pinky to the brain, the jelly to the peanut butter, the Pippen to MJ, the CJ to Dame. Really enjoyable to eat and a high quality product. The simplicity of toppings is the perfect support system that doesn’t rake away from the main event, just elevates it higher while working in the background. Perfect way to describe it - like Phil Knight and his exceptional team of employees at Nike that allow him to shine even brighter to victory. That’s this burger, a true CEO. The neat thing about The Cellar is they’re one of the few spots Uptown that have city hours and stay open fairly late. It’s located underneath the restaurant, Duckworth’s, and was originally a speakeasy in the prohibition era back dating back to 1912. It exhibits a dim dark setting and a cool wine cellar in the back. The seating arrangements are minimal in this quaint and intimate atmosphere. There is one U shaped booth right at the front that illustrates straight mafia vibes on some Al Pacino chillin’, night out with his mobsters, cigars in hand, and guns in laps. One day I’ll sit there and order Cellar Burgers for the whole crew as an app just for oops and giggles, then proceed to treat everyone in the booth to some $75 tomahawk bone-in rib eyes like a true boss. Toss some tuna tartare in there too why don’t we.