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Pistachio Cheesecake
BB Rotation RT
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BB All-Star AS
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hall of fame
Villani’s Bakery
Charlotte, NC


scouting report Phil
07/04/20 Behold the almighty. If you know, you know. I’d like to introduce the Pistachio Cheesecake. This is a podium finisher gold medalist type of winner. Before coming to Villani’s, I’ve never ever seen/heard of Pistachio Cheesecake. Being aloof, it took me a solid second to even give it a thought, not even coming close to giving it a chance. Slowly falling off their cakes since they hired a new pastry chef (their carrot cake used to be immaculate, but has since changed) I was running out of options. I’ve tried almost all their cheesecakes: blueberry, snickers, funfetti, raspberry, and butter pecan (banana cheesecake is on my hit list). And there it stood, solo solider, the Pistachio Cheesecake dialed into my eyes. I reluctantly inquired to a member of the bakery team and he said it’s his favorite item and probably one of their best offerings in the entire bakery. Whoa. Wait what. This entire time I’ve been disacknowledging this delicious MVP and treating it like the last pick on a playground kickball team. I’ll cut straight to the rating: 11/10. The subtle sweet + soft texture gets me every single time. This isn’t a bang, rapidly in your face type of sugar rush like you get from other cheesecakes. The Pistachio Cheesecake is in its own lane, the far right. The best part - the graham cracker crust. Oh my goodness, combo the hard crust with the almost thick creamy like plush cheesecake and it delivers a sensation almost any human beings tastebuds would desire. Topped off with pistachio nuts themselves, this entire craft fuses together so delightfully. Again, it’s a slow sweet injection that leaves you forking through the entire scrumptious slice. It’s a mandate that I get two slices every visit. Due to its greatness, the demand is out of this world. By far the most popular treat at Villani’s, I’ve struck out so many times in hopes to capture this gem. Crazy how at one point I wouldn’t even give this thing a glance, and now I’m on a treasure hunt each visit in. Each time I walk in, Villani’s team knows exactly what time it is and what I’m after. I can tell immediately upon opening the door by looking at their faces if I flipped heads or fails. I love how they get just as amped as me when it’s a green light. It’s hilarious. Big noteworthy: the staff at Villani’s are exceptionally great people. I’ve been a fan of this bakery for a few years now and it’s grade A+ customer service, fabulous personalities, friendly, nice, pleasant, charming, funny, all of the above. I’ve never been to a place like this, where every employee and I mean every single one of them are super socially cool individuals. You have to appreciate and applaud Villani’s on that aspect and I believe that’s by design. Personnel is so critical and it really creates all of the difference in Villani’s makeup and brand. Honorable mention: The Napoleon. Best Napoleon I’ve had to date and nowhere else comes a close second. Their custard cream is stupendous. Other items that are big time that deserve recognition: brownies, s’mores bars, triple berry muffin, tiramisu, lemon bars, and pecan pie. Truly a boy meets wonder moment that first day being introduced to the Pistachio Cheesecake. Life altering for certain. If my parents or anyone else ever asks where we met, I can proudly say, “At Villani’s”.