the arena for food scouts

The Ace
BB Rotation RT
BB Starter ST
BB All-Star AS
BB Franchise FR
Ace No. 3
Charlotte, NC

scouting report Phil
07/28/20 A good solid standard cheeseburger. The Ace has double patties, American cheese, pickles, chopped onions, and their special homemade “comeback” sauce. Decent burger, and while it’s good, it’s nothing that will blow your socks off. Very simple (In-N-Out), greasy (Five Guys), tasty cheeseburger (Shake Shack). Speaking of simple, everything about this place tries to keep it plain Jane, similar to In-N-Out, but not quite. Their about us section on their website is a blank page with three words on the bottom right corner by the owner saying, “Less is more.” Need I say more? The mini brick establishment has a cozy neighborhood feel. The menu is a one pager that’s super easy on the eyes when deciding what to order. Burgers are not as greasy as Five Guys though, which is a plus for me. Don’t like it dripping sloppy grease, but still want a little grease for taste enhancement and when the wrapping paper soaks it up and leaves those stains, it just gives you that - eating a cheeseburger feel. Because of this the beef patties were juicy. Now the bun. The first time I came, they toasted my bun (top and bottom) and it was a big time game changer. Perfectly lightly toasted with a nice crisp to each bite. I was really looking forward to that as it totally won me over on my first visit, but the cook decided not to do it this second time. Big bummer. Oh well, third times the charm, I’ll request for it. The bun was still better than a lot of other burger places. So poofy like your favorite bedtime pillow. Or maybe you’re a firm pillow guy/girl, and if so, I’ll guarantee that you’ll still like this bun, especially when it’s toasted. Now sizing on these cheeseburgers, I’d say they’re on the smaller to average size on the scale. My recommendation: get two. They go down pretty quickly too, so don’t forget to savor every bite. Seeing how fast these can vanish, I imagined Joey Chestnut on the Fourth of July at Coney Island savaging those Nathan’s hot dogs (or Glizzy’s: see urban dictionary). After 2020 or when Chestnut retires they should swap dogs for burgs. It’d be a way more, not enjoyable because nothing about what those pros are doing looks anywhere near enjoyable, but it’d make the contest more feasible I guess? How about we start locally and have Ace No. 3 host an Ace burger eat-off someday!? Let me start training.