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Cherry Cheese Pizza
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Bisonte Pizza Co.
Charlotte, NC


scouting report Phil
07/28/20 Whoa. Just hit over the 100 reports milestone on Big Time Bites. Couldn’t think of a better way to dedicate the next century of BTB reports than to kick it off with the one and only, Cherry Cheese Pie. Yes, this is the one, and only. In all the years combined in the pizza business by Steve & Jimmy (founders of Bisonte), they claim nobody else has ever ordered this. I am the only one. Amazing or weird? Whichever it is, it sure is dang delicious. All right, here’s the backstory. One day I brought my parents here as their send off meal before taking them to the airport (in true number one Bisonte fan fashion). We ordered a Hawaiian pizza which is our family go-to. It came with the usual: Canadian bacon, pineapples, and a bonus topping we collectively were not ready for - cherries. We really liked it and it stuck out like Alfalfa. On Tuesday’s (my favorite day of the week) Bisonte offers a discount on large one topping pizzas. I wanted to mix it up from the classic pepperoni 🍕 I’d always get. They offered cherries on the menu as an option for the one topping and I thought - “hmm interesting, it was great on the Hawaiian, why not, let’s go for it.” So I shot my shot. After the first date, I tied it up and we got married immediately. It’s funky, it’s unconventional, it’s simple, and it sure has a fantastic fusion with their in-house made tomato pizza sauce. I like to request extra sauce. The Buffalo style, thick fluffy dough is what steals my heart. I can never go back to gaunt thin New York style. Got to be thick around here. Always flavor the crust - Cajun, garlic, butter. Let the seasonings glisten and soak in, softening up the edges, and you’ll chow right through leaving no crust behind. Pineapples on pizza are already in the famously hot pizza debate that’s more heavily leaned towards not in favor for, so take it a notch or two further with cherries and try to explain that one. Every single reaction people are just dumbfounded and in disdain. I receive flack all the time for it. It’s hideous to many, frowned upon by the majority, but unique to me. True example of, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” I know my taste and what I love and nobody will convince me otherwise. This is my favorite pizza I’ve ever had. Still mind boggling to me that I am the only one who orders this. It’s so simple, yet nobody would ever think to combine it, nor would they want to. Well, I guess that means no one will be cheating with my 🍒 🧀 anytime. We now share the same surname so I guess you could say it’s named after me (can you say menu item?). Married happily and ever after.