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Rene’s Sweet Treats
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Rene’s Sweet Treats
Mooresville, NC

scouting report Phil
08/21/20 Let me start this off by saying: best donut shop in the Charlotte area. MJ Donuts has been holding the belt, but if I’m judging based on volume and total overall array of donuts, it’s definitely Rene’s. MJ does have two of my absolute favorite donuts that they do a phenomenal job at making, the apple fritter and buttermilk biscuit, but that’s it, those are the only two items I go there for. My eyes spun in a donut carnival entering Rene’s Sweet Treats, there were so many yummy options to pick from. Saturday’s are the best day to go as they have their full spread of treats to make decisions difficult. And don’t hold back here, no eeny, meeny, miny, mo’ing. To get the full experience, you pick whatever your sweet tooth desires and have them throw it in a box (or two) with no restraints. Some superb options include: Reese’s Peanut Butter Pillow (gigantic in size and super fluffy stuffed with chocolate fudge & peanut butter), Pecan Bread Pudding, Apple Fritter, S’mores Donut, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Donut, French Toast Donut, and plenty more. Since opening in September of 2019, they have made and sold over 500 different types of donuts. That is incredible. The creativity and innovative mindsets by Rene & Linda are top notch. I’ve yet to visit another donut shop in North Carolina with the endless possibilities and display of so many different varieties and amazing looking types of donuts to satisfy just about anyone. Originally from California, Rene decided to move out East to North Carolina and open up shop. With over 30 years of experience in the donut industry, Linda is a true expert, starting out when she was in elementary school at the age of 8. It’s been a family run business and has been passed on generation to generation. This explains the inspiration in coming up with so many creative ideas and fun donut recipes. The flour is critical in the donut making process and a very high quality dough is used at Rene’s. It’s very distinguishable when you bite into these mighty treats. A lot of their donuts are super soft and airy and just packed with so much punch. As with any baked goodies, it’s always best served right away, but at Rene’s the donuts sustain so well throughout the day due to the premium flour being used, I got my batch towards closing and they were still superior in taste. The team here bakes throughout the night ensuring fresh donuts to be ready by the top of the morning. They even bake a second haul in the afternoon to maintain freshness and upkeep high quality. Each treat is carefully crafted here and I can tell the amount of meticulous effort that goes into each and every donut. Got to appreciate that in large amounts as there’s no bad or flawed items. I cannot stress enough on the quality of each donut and the ingredients used from the custards, creams, lemon fillings, chocolate, fudge, caramel, cinnamon, sugar, powder, icings, real banana slices, real raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries. All high end and you’ll easily notice. There’s no donut shop like Rene’s and what they offer in the vicinity. The staff here are wonderful people, the energy is positive, the outside covered patio seating is convenient, and the treats are truly tasty. These donuts here define, “Big Time Bites.”