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Local Scoop
Charlotte, NC

scouting report Phil
08/26/20 Attention all ice cream fanatics, this is the spot to get your scoops from. It’s the best I’ve had yet in town and I’ve tried numerous places and can safely assure that Local Scoop is at the forefront of the race. Their ice cream is just how I love it, super thick, dense, and has some substance to it. Soft serve is not my style and can go melt away instantly on a humid summer evening. This is the closest ice cream I can find in terms of density to my all-time favorite ice cream place in Las Vegas. When making their ice cream, they add in extra dairy, between 14%-16%, which can account for the thickness comparing to normal ice creameries that only use approximately 10% dairy. This really makes an enormous difference in terms of the texture and richness. They also use a smaller machine in-house which could have some affect on taste, creating smaller batches at a time rather than mixing and producing in huge bulk portions all at once. The Flight is my go-to, just a simple triple scoop. Big scoops too. Must mention, they really get deep in those tubs and dig a big ball out for you. My three flavors of choice (left to right): Blondie (vanilla, brownie, fudge, and chocolate chip cookie), Peanut Butter Cup, and Cookie Dough (Both on my Mt. Rushmore of ice cream flavors). The addition of crumbled waffle cone pieces are a very nice touch. They ask if you prefer to have them in or you can opt out, and I finally opened my door to it. I’m not normally a waffle cone guy, but if miniature slab pieces are jabbed on top, well, why not? They’re actually pretty good and compliment well with the ice cream. The Flight is priced at a total of $7.57. I see what you did there Local Scoop. Got to love those details. Shoutout to Boeing. Side note: Oh and please, if I get asked one more time if I need an extra spoon, I’m requesting for one jumbo sized spoon next time. This isn’t amateur hour over here. Psh...extra spoon...the disrespect. Really grateful for the extra efforts in the giant scoops. Other ice cream places don’t do it like they do here and it’s not okay. Get bigger scoops please. At local they’re not afraid to share the wealth and you’ll have a plethora of flavors to pick from. They’re always sprinkling in new ones by the season and I have seen some very unique flavors. Last specialty flavor I tried was cinnamon apple pie. All ingredients are carefully sourced locally, hence the name of the shop. The team of staff here are always friendly, upbeat, and just exuberates “feel good” energy every time I walk in. Never had a bad experience or a dull, boring moment here. That’s super important to highlight (for any ice cream shop) as customers make the choice to go out and get ice cream and chances are they’re in a cheerful, positive mood. When they enter Local Scoop, that mood elevates even more and the staff do a fabulous job of working along with those energy levels. It’s not forced, it’s not fake, it’s just...local.