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Crumb Cake
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Sugar Rush
Charlotte, NC

scouting report Phil
12/21/20 Wow. Where to begin. If you want a treat that’ll actually blow your mind to smithereens (or crumbs) this is the one. By far, the best version of a crumb cake I’ve ever been blessed with on this planet. I’m still watering from the mouth as I write this after demolishing the entire tin in just two days. It surely will not last you long, so be sure to double up. The triple layer of quality goodness packs a mighty morphing powerful punch and will give you a nice KO afterwards. From top to bottom, it starts off more dense and softens up as you reach the bottom. The bottom base is super soft like a fluffy cake or muffin and even had a bit of moistness to it. Far from the ole store bought extra dry and hard crumb cakes. Those are brutal to eat and I don’t think I’ll ever get them again after trying this New York style crumb cake from Sugar Rush. Now I know how a real crumb cake satisfies and I’m not sure if this version can be defeated. This crumb cake is dangerous as it lures you in with a modest slow sweetness that you can tolerate for all 4 quarters of the game + OT. You know how some sweet treats are just so overbearing that you can only handle so much and then you throw in the towel because you can’t consume anymore of that mighty sweet icing or take another bite no matter how good it is. Not the case here, and that’s what makes it so dangerous, you’ll find yourself thoroughly enjoying each bite and slowly savaging through the whole pan. Your dopamine receptors will be performing backflips longing for more bites. The entire ensemble of this masterpiece is absolutely big time. The powdered sugar on top, then a thick layer of a mouth evaporating situation consisting of both brown and white sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, I think cinnamon?, and heaps of butter. I don’t even know all the ingredients, but I do know for certain that the yummy fluffy cake serving as the undercarriage is an essential piece to the cake. This is legitimate as it gets and 100% New York style certified as Shannon, the lady who has perfected the how-to for crumb cakes, is a NY native herself and has been working her family recipe for the past 15 years. A good portion of her crumb cake clientele are originally from New York and New Jersey. I’ve never been to New York, so I can’t say I’ve ever eaten something truly New York style. Kind of like, “You’ve never had a Philly Cheesesteak until you actually visit Philadelphia.” I may have had a NY style cheesecake, but those don’t really count (too plain Jane). Bucket list: I would love to try a true NY slice of pizza from one of those old coal burning NY pizzeria ovens. I’ve yet to be won over as I’m not a huge fan of all these imitation NY style pizza places claiming they’re the real thing, as the crust is too gaunt thin and crunchy for me (team Buffalo style all day). Maybe it might not be my cup of tea, but I can’t come to conclusion on that until I actually try the real deal. Enough of the tangent, I do know for a fact that I just became the biggest fan boy of this NY style crumb cake and I can assuredly say it’s my first true taste of New York without ever visiting the big apple. Shannon is awesome and magically makes these out of her home with love. She clearly knows what she’s doing and more and more people are figuring that out. This belongs in the hall of fame of its category and I can’t wait to get some more and share the crumbs and wealth with others.