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Inferno Buffalo Wings
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Bisonte Pizza Co.
Charlotte, NC

scouting report shemomedjamo
08/03/17 In terms of non-Korean food, there is almost nothing that I take more seriously than Buffalo wings. As someone who grew up in upstate New York, within an hour and a half of their birthplace, you better believe that I get defensive over them. Bisonte Pizza Co. just had their grand opening for their uptown location, but I got in during their soft, think it's a better way to get a feel for how the place will run after the honeymoon phase is over. I knew that things were going to be good right from the jump when the server prompted us "would you like ranch instead of bleu cheese." They default to bleu cheese, the only proper companion to Buffalo wings. Preferring ranch to blue cheese is heresy, on the level of thinking DAMN. is better than GKMC or that 1989 is better than Speak Now. Just no. I have a checklist when it comes to assessing wings: 1. The first bite of a great wing should have a nice crunch, not a mushy exterior that has melded with the meat. 2. The meat beneath the outer coating should be hot, at least the same temperature of the fried portion. 3. An exceptional wing will also have had a proper batter application so that you are able to take a sizeable bite and not have the entire skin be pulled off. Bisonte's wings checked all of those boxes. In terms of just the chicken wing itself(sans sauce), it is by far and away the best one in Charlotte. Believe me, I've tried a lot. Whenever I go to a bar for the first time, the order will be Buffalo wings. You can ask any of my friends to testify. I've had more than my fair share of wings and while the competition in Charlotte isn't amazing, Bisonte is in a league all its own for the city. When judging Buffalo wings, I do not give the sauce as much weight as one might expect. I'd take a great wing with okay sauce over a mediocre wing with great sauce any day of the week. Luckily, this sauce holds up its end of the deal. Despite the name, the inferno wings are very accessible and not too spicy. To keep everything above board, this reviewer's gauge for heat is a little broken, so a guest was brought along to confirm that they are not too, too hot (shout-out to Rachel). In summary, I have yet to try a wing in Charlotte than even comes close to the authenticity and execution of Bisonte's. These were close to getting that franchise spot, but I've just had too many great wings in my lifetime to put them up there. I found out that the owners are originally from Buffalo, which made everything click into place. To be fair, the Andre Reed jersey on the wall probably should've given it away. Even if you are not a fan of chicken wings, try them, and you will be converted. TLDR; just go.