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Pork and Chicken Tacos
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Durham, NC

scouting report A. Vinzant
08/09/17 I'm a little obsessed with tacos. There's just something so appealing about them. They're simple, cheap, and you can do basically any flavor combination you want with them. So my mission upon moving to Wake Forest was to eat at as many taco places as possible and decided for myself what the best one is. The best one I've had so far is from Nanataco. It's a former garage that they turned into a cool little taco shop. It looks awesome and the atmosphere inside is just comfortable. Nothing too extreme, not too hard to navigate; just an easy restaurant to go to, especially for lunch. I got their lunch special ($7.50 for 2 tacos, rice & beans, chips, and a drink!) and ordered a pork butt taco and a chicken taco. The sides: the rice was perfectly cooked and the black beans were topped with cilantro which gave them an awesome flavor (I love cilantro just as much as the dishes that it goes on). The chips were...just chips, but they have a nice little salsa bar with 3 different salsas to try from; I'd suggest their salsa verde because it wasn't too spicy and was just a really solid salsa. Now, the main course: it was the best pork taco I've ever had. I honestly could have eaten the pork butt by itself. It was just very well cooked with a lot of great flavor on its own, and when paired with the pico de gallo, lime juice, and a little bit of salsa roja, it was perfection. Looking back, I wouldn't have ordered the cheese on top because it added a little too much, but it didn't make the tacos less amazing. I wanted the pork taco to last forever, but it couldn't, so I moved on to the chicken taco. The chicken is rotisserie style and was very juicy, so it had a good flavor on its own. But, their pico de gallo and salsa verde really made the taco standout. All of the flavors just went so well together. I won't say it was the best chicken I had ever had, but it was one of the best chicken tacos I've ever had. I'm not big on shredded chicken, but I demolished that taco. Everything on my plate was superb and to top it all off, I had a spicy Mexican chocolate shake, which was the perfect pairing with this meal. It was just enough sweet to complete this meal and enough spice to remind you that you of what you had just eaten. This food at this price means that I will never pass up an opportunity to eat here. All-Star dish, Big Time Bite, Hall of Fame restaurant.