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The After Party Breakfast Bagel
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North Central Delicatessen
Charleston, SC

scouting report S. Be
09/02/17 North Central Delicatessen is located in the north side of downtown Charleston, SC near Hampton Park. The deli is a small, cozy take out spot with great owners. Their specialty is bagels, specifically New York/Jersey style bagels that are great for anytime of the day. The After Party Breakfat Bagel was an experience you can't miss. I've had bagel sandwiches before but most lacked consistent texture and the bagel usually overpowered whatever ingredients were sandwiched in between. This is not the case with this breakfast sandwich. It's made with Taylor Pork Roll, a popular pork meat in New Jersey combined with scrambled eggs, American cheese, garlic aioli, apple butter, fried oinions all in between a cheddar bagel. The cheddar bagel worked well with this sandwich, but what separates this sandwich is the care the chef has put in to crafting the various layers in between the bagel slices. First bite in you get the sweet homemade apple butter at the top of your mouth, followed by the creamy, salty American cheese. Then you dig deeper and the fluffy scrambled eggs are like a pillow that meshes the sweet apple butter and salty cheese together. This is only half way down your bite, so the journey continues with the Taylor Pork Roll meat which snaps and pulls with a mild saltiness and a little spice from the herbs mixed in, with a hint of smokiness from the cooking of the meat. Then as you approach the finish line, you're surprised by the fried onions, with its sweet aroma, firm crunchiness and that little bite of burnt char taste that you love but hate to admit. It's like when you're a kid and put plain potato chips in your lunch sandwich. Great ideas never die.... The finish is achieved with the smooth garlic aioli that just mixes everything together beautifully. It's creamy, salty and serves as a nice alternative to the usual cream cheese or mayo. They really put a lot of thought in how to layer this sandwich so that each layer stands out on its own and all for $8.75. Next time you're in Charleston be sure to stop by, grab this bagel sandwich, walk to a shaded tree in Hampton Park and sit quietly as you enjoy this sandwich. The only noise you'll hear will be the fried onions crunching. Till the next BTB ✌🏽