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Akami - Blue Fin Tuna
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Las Vegas, NV

scouting report Phil
10/09/17 What a life changing experience I had at Kabuto. If I could recommend a place to eat that not only has delicious food, but will totally twist your entire outlook on eating a meal, it will be here at Kabuto. My mom and I were in town and wanted to try some good fish, so I did some research and saw a huge recommendation by a Big Time food connoisseur who specifically has a passion for sushi. Couldn't go wrong with this choice, it was a done deal, I immediately called in to make a reservation. We got placed on a waiting list and luckily got the call to come in for two later that evening. They have two dinner time slots and they fill up very quickly, so you must call to reserve ahead of time. Portion size. This is not your typical sushi restaurant. There are no specialty rolls, udon, fried shrimp, bento box, edamame, etc. It is far from an "all you can eat" gorge fest spot too. Which totally changed my outlook on how to really enjoy your food. Slow, small (Big Time) bites, savoring the taste of the fresh fish, in a very relaxed and quiet atmosphere. This method of dining was something I've never experienced and it really makes you appreciate your food and the importance of it that we all overlook as we sometimes behave like savages, inhaling our meals so quickly without coming up for a breather. The quality of the sushi was just bursting with flavor and all my attention was fully focused on enjoying that one current piece, instead of looking to see what I will shove down next mid-chew, as if I were at an AYCE buffet. Don't get me wrong, I love AYCE sushi, but this made me see eating at a different angle and surprisingly, I enjoyed it. They serve each piece one by one as the head chef hand makes them right in front of you while his preppers support him getting everything in order. Only the head chef can hand deliver your sushi to you and when he does, he will present it with a brief description of what you will be tasting. Kabuto is a pricy establishment, but for the one time experience, it's more than worth it for the lessons/tremendous affect it had on me, my dining habits, and my many more Big Time Bites to come.