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about bigtime bites
Bigtime Bites is a place where food lovers can share their favorite dishes from around the world. The idea was created by Rich Cho, the General Manager of the Charlotte Hornets NBA basketball team. Rich loves to explore different cities looking for great food, and at Bigtime Bites, he shares his favorite dishes, writing a brief Scouting Report and giving a rating to each dish. Bigtime Bites is unique in that visitors to the site can also file their own Visitor Scouting Reports and share Bigtime Bites that they experience around the world. Once a week, randomly selected users who file Visitor Scouting Reports will be sent a Bigtime Bites hat or t-shirt. Bigtime Bites doesn't share negative reviews of restaurants or dishes. Instead, it's an arena for sharing great (i.e., Bigtime) dishes. This means even a dish that has the "lowest" score on our rating system is still Bigtime!

dish ratings
A Rotation dish is a dish that's worthy of being in your regular rotation when you go to a particular restaurant. However, you might not get it every single time - it depends on how hungry you are, what you feel like eating that day, and what other dishes you are ordering to complement your meal.
A Starter dish is a dish that you normally order when you go to a particular restaurant. Not only is it in your regular rotation, but it's worthy of ordering (perhaps with other dishes as well) every time you come to this restaurant because you know what you're going to get - something solid that you know you will like.
An All-Star dish is a dish that is one of the top 5 dishes in a particular food category or cuisine (e.g. Chinese Food, Mexican Food, Seafood) that you've had in the last year. This is a dish you proactively seek out when you land in a particular city.
A Franchise dish is a dish that is one of the best dishes you've ever had within a particular food category or cuisine. Not only do you proactively seek out this dish when you land in a particular city, but you build your whole schedule around eating this dish and will even spend an extra night in a particular city so you can do so.
A Hall of Fame dish is a dish that is the very best of the best, regardless of food category or cuisine. This dish should be on your bucket list before you die.