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The Hummingbird
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Oh My Soul USA
Charlotte, NC

scouting report Phil
05/23/20 Here we go. Quite possibly have discovered the best treats in town @ Oh My Soul. This place had just recently opened up days before the pandemic and then stayed open for to-go and pick up orders only. I happened to stumble upon them via social media and was in the neighborhood picking up my pizza, so I thought, why not I’ll stop in. Best game time decision I’ve made in 2020. The treats here are on another ozone. This hummingbird bird caught my eye immediately as I walked in. It’s similar to a carrot cake (I LOVE me some carrot cake - all time fav), but with coconut, pineapple, banana, pecans, cream cheese, and white chocolate. The cream cheese icing is double stuffed between two cake buns so it’s kind of like a cake sandwich if you will. Super super satisfying for the sweet tooth. If you choose this from their delightful display case of sweets, you aren’t messing around. Not that it’s a game changing factor to me, but to point out - this is a vegan restaurant and all their treats are 100% vegan. Didn’t really think much of it and it wasn’t the draw me in factor, but wow, I can now clearly see why the treats here are immaculate. Super high quality ingredients are only used and there’s actually a major differential in taste. The price tags are on the higher end here, but I understand why. They do offer 1/2 off pastries flash sales on occasion, and that’s when I dive all the way in. Now I’m not one who’s hardcore team plant based, cruelty-free, non-GMO, organic, all natural, etc. you get the point, but dang was I blown away by how dynamite the desserts were here. The cinnamon rolls are the best I’ve ever had. Valid statement. Their mini bundt cakes - lemon blueberry and carrot cake are killer. The blondie bars and brownies, fire. Strawberry delight is special. I’m so excited to have these goodies brought all the way from South Africa. Yes, that is correct, they have traveled all the way from South Africa to open business and spread their offerings. Big time mention to Rich, who always helps me out behind the counter. Love his energy and passion. Oh, and can’t forget to mention, their hours are amazing here - open till 10:00 PM. Giddy up to Oh My Soul.